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Website Design
Our specialty is crafting customized, user-friendly websites.  But before we begin we analyze your needs so your message is focused and clear.  We ask lots of questions, develop a straightforward and comprehensive content outline and then our iMAGicians take over creating exquisite design and graphics tailored to your needs.

Your website can contain many pages or be as uncomplicated as one very dynamic page.  Every site has a Home Page.  Other common pages are:  About Us, Contact Us, Product, Portfolio, FAQ's, Rates, but there are definitely no restrictions!

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Database Design
No matter what you need to keep track of we can, count it, index it, alphabetize it, categorize it, simplify it, summarize it…well you get the idea.  If you need it organized, we can make it happen!

Video Production for Web
From virtual tours of homes, stores, buildings or theme parks, we can shoot and upload it to your website for the world to see!

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brOChUREs & lOGoS
BRocHureS & LogOs
pErSONal pRojEcTs
gEt foCUseD
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A Conscious Earth &
The Awareness Channel - podcasts, video library of Spiritual Teachers from around the world and Community Networking.
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Dawn Clark, Registered Nutritional Therapist -
You are what you eat.  Dealing successfully with ADD, Alchoholism, Stress and every day Energy levels.
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Television, Animation & Post Production Producer -
The professional site of a national & international broadcast, animation and DVD direct-to-home producer.
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Saracino Designs -
The organized fashion lovers dream come true!  You just have to see these limited edition designer hand bags created specifically for you.
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Artist, Art Director, Designer & Photographer -
The professional site of a regional, national & international visual communicator. His entire collection of work to date.
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Soul Water Energy Works -
Feng Shui your home, office or even your web site to improve the energies in and around them.  A centuries old practice by a Feng Shui practitioner.
inspirtainment inc -
This ambitious boutique production company creates programming that both inspires and entertains nationally and internationally.
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Wands & Whimsy -
These Princess, Magic, Energy, Posh Wands & Talking Sticks are not your ordinary wands.  These are rare quality art pieces made by a true artist.
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The deClutter Fairy -
Is the cat litter box in your prosperity corner? Decluttering the Feng Shui Way with a  Feng Shui (energy) practitioner.
A must see!
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The Fabulous Falabella -
This is the home of the fabulous Falabella. This Bouffon Clown was trained by Cirque de Soliel's Master Bouffon Clowning instructor Massimo Agostinelli.
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The Healing Seas -
Overcome stress to achieve inner peace.  We created & supplied the logo, overall design & photography. Content was supplied by the client.
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Glass Etched Commissions -
These are not just ordinary acid or computer made etchings.  Each one is exclusively etched by hand making it a rare, one of a kind collectable.