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Starting Your Own Business

So you're thinking about starting your own business.  We know just how exciting - and sometimes scary that can be because we've done it ourselves!   Regardless of how you came to the decision we offer consulting or just plain hand holding services for the up and coming entrepreneur.  At iMAGinationMedia we're forward thinkers and the way we see it, NO RISK, NO REWARD!  

When deciding what your business will be, the first and most important thing is DO WHAT YOU LOVE! How else will you be happy?  If cooking is your passion then that's where to start.  If you're great with color and a paintbrush, you could be making a living at it!  Now that you're finally your own boss, you call the shots and that's a great place to be!           continued below ...
When it comes to promoting your business iMAGinationMedia's got you covered. You'll need business cards, stationery and perhaps an announcement card, but the most important tool is a website so people know what your business is all about.

Let us take you through the basics and help you build a great future!  You set the rules and we'll guide you through the process.   We'll even help you save some cash in the process!

Photo Archiving
Pretty much every body knows somebody with a box full of printed photos or discs hidden away somewhere just waiting to be organized.  We'll go through your vacation, company picnic, family party or any other pictures, add music and output them to CD or DVD so you have a whole collection of entertainment for your next company picnic, family party…well you get the picture!

Personal, Sports and Audition Videos
So your kids are having a birthday or first communion!  IMAGinationMedia will videotape and edit any occasion to make sure you have lasting memories of your event.  Going for your big part?  We'll produce your audition reel or sports highlight reel for college or university.


Could be Grannie's 99th birthday bash, the boss's farewell dinner, announcing your brand new business to the world, or your 50th wedding anniversary party, we'll design elegant or outrageous invitations or announcements for anything you like!

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