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Electronic or Printed Brochures & Marketing Materials
Whether you need marketing materials on paper or to distribute electronically the iMAGinationMedia team can design and produce powerful pieces for any event.  We create BROCHURES, BANNERS, SIGNAGE or anything else you need to successfully promote your business.

Logo Design
Your logo or wordmark is the first impression of your company and it's out in the world, working to promote your business 24/7. Our
iMAGicians generate unique designs for distinctive identities that stand out in the market place.

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Business Cards
When you hand out your Business Card, you want it to be a reflection of the quality product or service you supply.  Our iMAGicians design cards that make you feel great about putting your name on them.

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brOChUREs & lOGoS
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The client asked for wheat to somehow be incorporated into the wordmark. The end of the 'a' and the start of the 'P' form the ends of stalks of wheat.
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A logo that stands the test of time!
An all female renovations company - that's why the pink & black.
Speakes for itself!
The Healing Seas - notice the gold bar makes an 'H' and the 'S' forms the YinYang symbol?
Notice there are 3 letters missing?
f.a.c.e.i.t. is an anagram for Focused. Anxiety reducing. Community based. Empowering. Individualized teaching.
An electronic GreeN'Zine!
International brewing Co.